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Look! Color! It was required for the cameos, and besides, I like coloring. So expect to see a bit more of it from now on. It seems Damonk's jersey is also escaping- he's been having problems keeping his characters in his comic for a while now. Why don't you go check it out? And where'd that muumuu come from? Could it be here? And thanks to Aeire for her coloring tutorial!


Yay! Finally! Trust me, nobody's happier than me that it's up (now Greg doesn't have to hurt me). Oh, I made a neat little poll in my spare time. Check out the thread in the forum called "Which Braven character are you most like?" And expect some Mudd People strips soon. I also need to clean up this page and some of the other various areas around. Also, I'm attempting various different methods of drawing the next few strips in an effort to find ways that I am more comfortable with. We'll see how things go.

Thoughts? Comments? (I don't particularly need criticism, so don't bother sending those): zanebraven@hotmail.com