This is Brian. Oh, hey, that's me! I draw this strip. Well, the character doesn't draw the strip, I do. You know, talking about a character that's really you gets really confusing. Now I know how Greg Dean from Real Life feels. Anyway. Brian was really surprised when a bunch of his online role-playing personalities (they're from a MUD that doesn't exist any more, so don't bother asking if you can join it) popped up in his house. Can't blame him, really, they're some pretty weird characters. Brian tends to be a little stressed out about having to deal with and be responsible for people who are much more powerful and confident than him, but have no experience in the "real world."

 This is Vanyel. Vanyel was originally the God of Justice. Then he was the God of Magic. Then he wasn't really god of anything. Basically, he's really, really lazy. There's nothing to easy to do that Vanyel won't procrastinate it. He does have omnipotent power, being a god. But you think he's actually going to go to the effort of using any of it? Please.

He's also quite good-hearted, and likes helping people with their problems. As long as all it takes is talking to them and stating the obvious. Vanyel also happens to know that he's in a comic strip (that whole "all-knowing" thing). But he's under strict orders not to tell anybody.

   This is Zane. Zane started out as one of the first mages in the world, and eventually became the most powerful mage in the world. He then took up weapons and started training, becoming the best in the world at most of those, too. Being translated into Mage: The Ascension let him pick up coding abilities in place of his magic (I turned him into a Virtual Adept, for those people who are familiar with the system). Zane has gone through some rather difficult times- he blames himself for his ex-wife going insane, he was manipulated into a situation where he almost killed a former student and good friend, and was largely depended on to save his home town repeatedly. Now in the real world, he's happily taking what he feels to be a well-earned vacation. He has picked up a coding job to pay the bills, causing Brian to have feelings of inadequacy.

 This is Kylara. Kylara was my original serious character on the mud, actually. I had played around a bit and decided to start a character and noticed that 1) No guys were playing girls well. 2) Nobody was playing thieves well.

Ta-dah. Kylara was born. She ended up taking over the thief guild, almost taking over the mage guild as well (she has some minor magical abilities that she used to pretend that she's a mage), and basically wrapping everybody male around her little finger.

She scares me.

 This is Arlo. He was originally created to show the owner of the mud that yes, the code he put in bypassing my quality control was indeed quite broken. Arlo eventually became the leader of the religion of the God of Magic (who just happened to be Vanyel at the time, which amused me to no end). Arlo is a zealot, but he knows it. He became rather popular for misinterpreting key lines of scripture and then convincing everybody in the religion that that's what it really meant. He started no few holy wars, and was a great healer and mage.

Arlo's probably not going to be much of a main character, since I hadn't really developed his character much before the mud went bye-bye. But he's around, and I'll try to work him in a little.